2016 - Working on a body of work that will be my prehistoric petrified flower garden for Interior and Exterior design.


1997-2016 Started family and a business.   

Owner/ Executive chef at Bread and Wine catering and events.

1997 Los Angeles went to Santa Monica City College worked on a collection of work that was represented by William Emmerson at EMMERSON TROOP

LA based interior designer Heather Ashton placed many of my works into the hands of designers + commercial and television work.

I showcased at the Lautner Kings Road house for Fever Jeans Collection where it was well received.

1997 Tokyo Japan  co-op studio for 4 months​

1994 1997 Studied under Andrew MacCorkindale

Duties-Mixing porcelain for slip casting, pour & release, trim vessels & lids, mix high fire crackle glazes, load bisque & glazeware, fired to cone 10, packed & shiped.

Attended Portland community college

1991-1993 The Potters Studio 1993-1994 Travelled to Central & South America

Works in the hands and homes of 

Demi Moore

Cameron Diaz

Danny Devito

Gillian Anderson

Stacey Sher

Stacey Litoff-Mann

Anne Morgan

Bryan Rabin

Grace Oh